New Business Online 6.0 features

• Responsive design for a better tablet and smartphone experience
• Touch-friendly screens
• Intuitive navigation
• Embedded ACH and Wire transfers
• Supports new “Soft Token” phone app for more convenience – coming soon.
• Enhanced functionality for stop payments
• New Personal Profile to simplify managing user information
• Real-time enrollment for CheckFree® Small Business Bill Pay



First time log in

Beginning 12/21/2018, Business Online users will log on as usual with their same user name and password. *note Access ID will now show as user name.
• For token users, log on as usual using the same token. New tokens are not required. Soft tokens will be available in the near future.
• If new user agreements are needed, then users will be asked to read and approve the new agreements during the first time logon.
• All account information, history, templates, and previously set employee permissions will be loaded into the system.

Essential tools for business

Cash Flow
• Real-time account information
• Transfer funds
• New multi-bank reporting
• New stop-payment tool
• Detailed transaction history
Business Mobile Banking App
• Monitor account balances & activity
• Transfer funds
• Schedule payments
• Receive real-time alerts
• Approve high-risk transactions
Additional Security
• Tokens & new soft tokens
• Multi-tiered user permission controls
• Positive pay check-fraud prevention


• ACH direct debit autopay
• CheckFree® Small Business eBill
• Merchant Source Capture™
• Mobile deposit


• CheckFree® Small Business Bill Pay
• ACH payroll direct deposit
• ACH payments
• ACH state & federal tax payments
• Same-day ACH
• Wire transfers
• International wire transfers

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