Online Cash Management Services

M&F Bank understands that the demands of operating your business extend beyond regular business hours. We also know how important secure access to your financial information is to you. That’s why we offer MFBonline Cash Management. We want to make managing your business’ finances easier and more efficient – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Internet access and MFBonline Cash Management, you have increased control and secure access to your M&F Bank accounts at your fingertips.

24 Hour, 7 Day a Week Access

M&F Bank online Cash Management lets you review detailed balance and transaction reports, transfer funds between M&F Bank accounts, view checks, verify transactions, download information into popular financial software such as Quicken ® , QuickBooks ® , and Microsoft ® Money, initiate and view stop payments, receive customized email alerts , and more. Immediate, real-time makes reconciling your accounts easier and saves you valuable time.


ACH Origination – This external fund transfer service provides easy, convenient transfer options including:

Direct Deposit of Payroll – Payroll is deposited directly into your employees’ checking or savings account at their banks. Direct deposit ensures that your employees receive timely deposit of their paychecks and lowers your company’s processing costs.

Direct Payment – Reduces accounts payable paperwork and costs by allowing you to make automated recurring payments.

Returns and Reversals – If entries are received or processed in error, your company can originate a return or reversal.


Wire Transfer – A safe, fast, and convenient method to transfer money anywhere in the USA to and from your account. Wire transfers can be initiated online or at a branch office, and usually can be sent and received in the same business day.

Funds Transfer – Any time of day or night, now you can instantly transfer funds between your M&F Bank accounts.

Bill Pay – This option allows you to schedule one-time, variable or recurring electronic payments. You can set up, edit and view your payee list, and review your payment history.  Reduces paperwork and costs.

Multi-user Access – You can assign multiple users with restricted access and authority levels, allowing you flexibility and control.

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