Request for Sponsorships or Contributions

M&F Bank is committed to promoting personal and community development, as our mission statement clearly states. “Giving back” to the community is important to us, and the goodwill of the public is invaluable to M&F Bank. As a community bank, we also must be responsible and prudent stewards, which means that we cannot honor all requests regardless how worthy the cause. The following are our funding priorities:

  • Education: Success is rooted in a sound education, and M&F Bank supports organizations and events that are focused on enhancing the quality of, or access to, education in our markets.
  • Financial literacy: As a community bank, M&F Bank believes helping people of all ages become better financial decision-makers is vital to developing stronger communities. We support organizations and events that are focused on improving the level of financial literacy in our markets.
  • Community development: M&F Bank is certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) for its commitment to supporting the economic development and well being of the communities it serves. We support organizations or events that are focused on strengthening the local community or business environment.

The purpose of the request must be consistent with one of M&F Bank’s priorities. Please note, M&F Bank does not make contributions to:

  • Individuals (as opposed to recognized organizations)
  • Entities that operate wholly outside of our geographic sphere of influence
  • Events that are purely social in nature
  • Unions
  • Political organizations or political candidates
  • Organizations supported by an entity to which the Bank already contributes
  • Auxiliary groups supporting an organization that already has received a contribution from the Bank in the same year

If your request meets our criteria, please click here for the Sponsorship or Contribution Request Form.

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